In this CV-alike post, I want to tell you about me, my career, achievements and experience.

(Featured photo: my college mates taking yearly exams, June 2005)

Prior to 2007: education, first steps

I’ve started writing code in the early 2000s when I was at school.
After school, in 2004, I went to college to study computer programming.
But even before college I’ve learned Pascal, Delphi, tried C++, created couple programs and games.

I’ve spent a lot of time for self-education and learned web development and technologies in 2005-2006 (Perl, PHP, CGI scripting).
In 2006 started half-time work as web-developer in the local firm “Microsystem”


From 2007 to 2009: graduation, full time job

Graduated from college in 2007 and gets promoted to full-time web-developer.

Learned Computer Science in Lviv Polytechnic University (2007 – 2011).
Graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.

During 2007-2009 worked as a web developer in LLC “Microsystem” in the Web Department.
Learned OS Linux, domains and servers management, PHP 5.3, jquery, and advanced CSS.
Created own CMS and micro web framework for company needs.
In 2008 switched to Linux OS from Windows, this helped me to master my Linux skill.


From 2009 to 2012: e-commerce, web framework, first venture

In late 2009 quit LLC “Microsystem” and started in Web Developer position at CreHelp/Atwix.
Worked with different e-Commerce platforms and CRM systems, but the main focus was on osCommerce platform and its forks.
Introduced Version Control System for team development, created multistore for CRE Loaded platform.

In 2010 created own web framework with my ex-co-worker.

Started side business: hosting company “Customhost”, not really the hosting company, I just sell hosting and domains for my friends.

In 2011 passed Zend Certified Engineer exam for PHP 5.3.


From 2012 to 2014: self employment, advanced web framework, first product

Left Atwix in 2012.

Upgraded my framework: created ORM system, routing, improved MVC model, introduced modules, widgets, translations system.
Renamed framework to AMF (Advanced Modular Framework).

Later in 2012 started a contract with local industrial electronic vendor opensys.com.ua.
In 2012-2013 created brand new web-analytics system (built with my framework) for utilities monitoring and management.

Worked with ExpressionEngine CMS, Magento 1, CodeIgniter framework and Zend Framework.

Learned Symfony framework version 2.3


From 2014 to Sep 2019: Thomas Cook Airlines, Readmire

In 2014 started a contract as a remote full-time developer with Thomas Cook Airlines as Full Stack Web Developer and DevOps.

Worked with internal web systems: support, bug fixes, new features, code review, server setup and optimization.
Introduced VSC, CI/CD, created development documentation.
Created three new web application with Symfony framework and integrated with the existing ecosystem.
Migrated project from PHP version 5.3 to version 5.5.

Founded Readmire company, managed developer teams for Thomas Cook’s project, startups and other custom web development project.


After Sep 2019: after Thomas Cook Collapse

Thomas Cook collapsed on 23 September 2019 and my contract was ended.

I switched to Upwork and work as an independent contractor: Full Stack PHP Symfony developer, DevOps.

Readmire company still work on previous custom development contracts.